IBERITAL L'Anna Handy Automatic

Iberital L'anna Handy automaticIberital  The L'ANNA Line offers the basic features of a traditional machine at an affordable price.  We offer the single group version of this machine as either a standard "plumbed-in" model (with tall group height) or a portable "pourover" model (with standard group height).  The "pourover" version has a built in water reservoir and does not require a water supply to operate, allowing for maximum portability without sacrificing production capacity or espresso quality.  Comes standard with black side panels, stainless steel body, and steam valves with rotating knobs.


  • Programmable Electronic Volumetric dosage (four different doses and continuous)
  • Large 6L boiler
  • Steam outlet pipe in stainless steel.
  • Pump and motor built in.
  • Programmable hot water outlet from CPU.
  • Hot water outlet anti-splash.
  • Heating element protector device built-in.
  • Automatic water fill up of the boiler
  • Easy location of the boiler drain-out tap.
  • Starter relay 25A built-in.
  • Available in traditional and raised group heads.