Coffee Beans

Coffee QiTA always freshly roast our coffee beans in small batches to ensure highest quality and perfect taste for all coffee lovers out there. All coffees are ready in beans or ground form.Coffee in sachets form are available for hotels/resorts/villas.

Always In Stock

  • Premium 100% Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee ( 250gr packs available)
    One of the best coffee beans ever produced in Indonesia. Grown in the mountainous area of Aceh Gayo in the northern tip of Sumatra island. The 100% Aceh Gayo Arabica coffee has characteristics such as full bodied, low acidity, sweet aroma, cherry notes and clean & pleasant aftertaste.
  • House Blend
    A signature Coffee QiTA house blend consisting of 70% Arabica mixed with 30% Robusta creating a unique fusion between the powerful aroma & full-bodied characteristics of arabica coffee and the smooth bitterness of robusta coffee.
  • Breakfast Coffee: 
    Supplied mostly to hotels or establishments in need to serve quality breakfast coffee to their patrons.
    • Arabusta Breakfast Coffee
      Special breakfast blend of arabica & robusta coffee.
    • Bali Breakfast Coffee
      100% pure Bali robusta coffee, originated from Tabanan area.
  • Decaf Pods
    Special pods designed to save you time and hassle of making a pronounced cup of arabica decaf coffee in your establishment.

Custom Order Coffee

  • Bali Kintamani Coffee
    Grown in the highest mountain area of Kintamani, north of Bali with farmers using world-famous traditional collective farming system – Subak Abian, to grow the coffee beans. Bali Kintamani coffee has unique characteristics which derives from their natural processing which makes them slightly sweeter and thus intensifies the sweet fruit tones.
  • Toraja Kalosi Coffee
    One of the most well-known coffee producer in Indonesia, where the coffee are grown in the mountainous area 1500 meters above sea level. Toraja Kalosi Arabica coffee has a very distinguished character in which they have smooth flavour with caramelized aroma and crisp clean aftertaste.
  • Flores Bajawa Coffee
    The Flores Bajawa coffee beans are grown in small highland area along the southern coast with 1,200 – 1,600 meters altitude above sea level. The special quality of the Flores Bajawa coffee is that it has a spicy and fruity note with full body and medium acidity.
  • Papua Wamena Coffee
    Gourmet Indonesia Papua Wamena coffee is grown on 350 acres of rugged mountain area in Papua. Papua Wamena coffee shares the particular characteristics of the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Coffee originated from this area has fruity notes combined with mild bitterness and medium body, making them a pronounced yet smooth cup of coffee.


Green Beans

Coffee BeanCoffee QiTA also provides green beans for sale by special request. A minimum order of 50kg applies.

  • Aceh Gayo
  • Bali Kintamani
  • Flores Bajawa
  • Papua Wamena
  • Sulawesi Toraja