Coffee QiTA



Other than being a professional coffee roaster, Coffee QiTA also provides numerous kinds of coffee-related services to its esteemed clients.

Services available :

  • Staff Training

Good quality coffee beans and expensive state of the art coffee machine is not a total guarantee of a perfect cup of coffee. Skilled barista also comes into play in this case. Coffee QiTA provides staff training which includes basic coffee-brewing skills and basic espresso machine operational skills. With this combination, your establishment is guaranteed to produce best cups of coffee to your customers.

  • Repairs & Spareparts

To ensure that cups of coffee are always served in your cafes/restaurants, your espresso machine will always have to be in proper running condition. In the case of machine break-down, call Coffee QiTA for these services:

  • Boiler cleaning/overhaul
  • Sparepart replacement & installation
  • On-call machine service/repair (special visitation rate for sunday/public holiday)
  • Regular Machine Maintenance

No matter how big or small your espresso machine is, no matter what the price tag is, a proper and regular machine maintenance is needed to ensure the longetivity of your investment. Coffee QiTA is ready to perform regular check-up and maintenance based on your needs (bi-weekly, monthly, etc).


* Please inquire us regarding rates for services above.